Reasons to choose Hardwood Flooring

hardwood floor refinishing

A reasons to choose hardwood flooring and the most common concern that we are asked frequently by property owners is ‘What type of floor should I get?”

Well, there certainly are plenty of choices now-a-days.

At Hardwood Floor Installation Marysville, we believe that wood floors are timeless, and all homeowners should consider if this option could be right for them.

reasons to choose hardwood flooring

Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors for Your Residence or Business:

  • Long-term Flooring Investment

Some may think hardwood floors are expensive. Why not just go with a much cheaper vinyl plank option? Or carpet? It is true hardwood can be expensive on the front end, but when you consider the cost of carpet replacement over the many years of the house, along with the longevity (many wood floors last several decades or longer), the real cost drops because you have a product that will LAST.

  • Various Styles Options

Another absolute reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your property are the different styles available. You can choose your favored style which matches and complements your property. There are various kinds of material, widths of boards, pattern options, wide variety of stains, etc… that can make your floor truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  • Connected to the Earth

If you are close to nature, you will love this flooring type due to it’s warmth and depth. Unlike many commercial or ultra-modern spaces filled with concrete and synthetic materials, beautiful hardwood floors make many people feel calmer and more at peace, as they experience the connection with nature.

  • Cleanliness

If you or any person in your family is allergic to dust, dirt, or animal hair that usually get embedded into carpet, hardwood flooring is definitely your best option. It is easier to clean, sweep and mop and does not hide or trap dirt like most carpeting options do.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors is Easy as well as Durable.

Refinishing flooring restores their beauty and brings back their shine. Our process is fast and detailed, and we can upgrade your floors in no time at all. When we get done working on your flooring, the finish will be hard, beautiful and durable; giving you great floors again for many years to come.

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