Project Description

Client: George M. Location: Washington ,US

The goal for this project was to restore the floors and keep them looking natural, as to not upstage the fine art on the walls. Due to the high foot traffic the gallery sees yearly, we choose to use a two component water based polyurethane finish made by Loba as the finish for these special floors. We can now proudly say that our work is in one of the most famous art galleries in the world.

How We Do It

The biggest challenge is that the floors were glued and nail throughout the entire house, except for 4 bathrooms. After the installation was completed, we left the site for a few weeks so that other trades could complete their work, and returned at the very end to finish the floors. The sanding process was done to perfection. Our clients were extremely happy with the way the floor turned out, and so were we. Thumbs up all around for the process.

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