marysville hardwood floor refinishing

Here at Marysville Hardwood Floor Refinishing we will fix problems with your flooring such as:

  1. Old Worn Out Plank Flooring
  2. Scratched or Dull Finish Top Coat
  3. Warped Boards due to Water Damage
  4. Stain Updates to match New Decor
  5. Improper past installations
  6. Squeaks, soft spots, foundation issues.

Old Worn Out Plank Flooring

The most common problems you may have experienced right now at home is your old worn out plank flooring. We can fix that in a matter of hours, just give us a call or fill out the form and let us know! At Marysville Hardwood Floor Refinishing, we will give you a proper estimate, free quote and no hassle to complete the job.

Scratched or Dull Finish Top Coat

A contaminated floor cannot hold finish. Some elements like dirt or chemicals on top of a floor or embedded in its finish can cause subsequent coats of finish and the top coat will have a tendency to flake or peel off. Here at Marysville hardwood floor refinishing, you will not worry about that because we can fix it for you.

Warped Boards Due to Water Damage

Floors can be easily wet in the kitchen, and it can be damaged if excessive water drops on it. Excessive water may cause the boards to warp, or curve, or even be completely damaged.. Here in Marysville HFR, we will make sure to install a water resistant flooring and finish, and if your home has this kind of damage, we can repair it for you. Just give as a call for a free estimate.

Marysville Hardwood Floor Refinishing Stains Updates

Most of the hardwood in your home (especially in flooring), can be easily damage with stains. Stains that build up on a floor finish can usually be removed with a wood-floor cleaner (, but stains in the actual finish must be sanded out. Let us correct your issues, just give us a call.

Improper Past Installations and Other Issues

If you still have issues like improper hardwood installations from your previous contractor, we will pay you a visit and discuss the process. Give us a call today – 360-230-6607.