Can’t I Refinish my Hardwood Floors myself?

hardwood floor refinishing process

Yes, you can refinish your hardwood floors, but it can be easy to make a real mess of things. The machines can be heavy, and if you aren’t prepared or trained, you can end up sanding too much in one place, or not enough in another.

refinish hardwood floorings
Floor Sander with dust colletion

Floor sanding tools can be hefty. The lightest drum sanders are 100-110lb, and many can be much heavier than that! Then there are edging tools, properly applying stain and polyurethane, and not making a mess while applying the product.

It’s not easy for a DIY job; and do you really want to test out your skills on your living room hardwood floors?Many people presume, you simply go to the store, rent out the devices, do the job and it’s done. There is simply a whole lot more to it than that! Marysville Hardwood Flooring Refinishing can help.

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